Mochi Peach Cat
Mochi Peach Cat
Difficulty Level
Let's make Peach & Goma the Mochi cats! You can make both the daring but adorable Peach cat and the timid shy Goma cat, in perfect size either for playing, pose, or just to be there to put smile to your face :)
Magic ring
Single crochet
(sl st)
Slip Stitch
Front loop only
Back loop only
Crochet hook 2.5mm & 3.5mm
Cotton yarn 2.5mm, color: pink and black
Cotton yarn 3.5mm, color: white for Peach or dark grey for Goma
Stuffing materials
Make your own Peach and Goma from Mochi Mochi Cats with this premium amigurumi PDF pattern. In this pattern, you could find lots of step by step picture tutorials (120++ pictures in total), including some of the crochet techniques used, and variation for Peach & Goma face expressions!
Peach and Goma Mochi Cat Amigurumi Image - Pattern Preview
Peach and Goma Mochi Cat Amigurumi Image - Goma Cat
Peach and Goma Mochi Cat Amigurumi Image - Peach & Goma Cat
This pattern is for personal use only, you are not allowed to sell / share / duplicate this pattern instructions in any medium. But you can sell any amigurumi dolls created from this pattern with credits from pawlarius.crafts.
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